Futuristic Healthcare Summit 2019

April 26, 2019

The Leela Palace, Bangalore, India


Futuristic Healthcare Summit 2019 will bring together C parity from Healthcare Institutions and technology solution providers for a day of panels, roundtables, and candid conversations. Under the theme “Harnessing the power of technology in Healthcare” the conference will focus on hot topics such as Artificial Intelligence, electronic health records, robotics, IoT in healthcare, driving down the cost of care with technology, data security, cloud, population health, clinical informatics, analytics, healthcare policy, telemedicine advancements, future of healthcare and many more.

The one of a kind event with over 200 delegates participating, will provide an ideal professional and social environment for clinicians, researchers, health IT professionals, industry and consumers to integrate, educate and share their knowledge to drive innovative thinking. Join us to gain exposure to new strategic concepts and discuss forward-thinking trends, rebuilding healthcare from mega-advancements in next-gen hospitalization for patient centric care.

Conference THEME

Population Health

Data Security & Privacy

Clinical Informatics


Cloud Computing / Storage

Health Information Exchange

Payer-Provider Collaboration

AI & Robotics


FHS 2019 Speakers

Prof. Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Member, Central Advisory Board
Government of India

Prof. K. Ganapathy

Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation

Monishwaran Maheswaran

(Computer Scientist, Inventor, Author,Mathematician, Quantum Algorithmist)

Girish Bommakanti

Gleneagles Global Hospitals

Inder Davalur

Healthcare IT expert

Dr. Mudit Saxena

Partner, MD & CEO
Ovum Hospitals

Rohit M.A.

Co-founder & MD
Cloudnine Group of Hospitals

Dr. Deepak Agrawal

Additional Prof. Neurosurgery & Gamma-Knife
All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Dr. Naresh Yallapragada

Chief Information Officer
Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences





Viloo Williams

C.K Birla Hospitals

Dr. Chandil Kumar

Aster Aadhar Hospital

Chaitanya Shravanth

Chief Digital Officer
Cloudnine Group of Hospitals

Dr. Dinesh Jain

VP- Clinical Data Analytics
Max Healthcare

Srinivasa Reddy

Director | Head - Business Development

Dr. Anthony Vipin Das

Associate Director
L V Prasad Eye Insitute

Prof. B.N. Gangadhar




♦ Healthcare providers

♦ Hospitals

♦ Government

♦ Digital health companies

♦ Home Healthcare companies

♦ Medical Technology companies

♦ Data integrators/analytics

♦ AI and Robotics solution providers

♦ HIS solution providers

♦ Medical Imaging Technology companies

♦ Health/big data companies

♦ Venture capitalists

♦ Health regulatory agencies

♦ Cloud/Storage solution companies

♦ Mobile operators and service providers

♦ Technology consultancies

♦ Management consultancies

♦ Telemedicine companies

♦ Investment Banks

♦ Mobile technology solution providers


♦ Chairman/Managing Director/ Founder

♦ Medical Directors

♦ Chief Executive Officers/Presidents/ Dean’s / Chancellor’s

♦ Chief Information Officers

♦ Chief Medical Information Officers


♦ Chief Medical Officers

♦ Chief of Radiology

♦ Chief of Medical Records

♦ IT Directors and senior IT and IT security professionals

♦ Information Systems Directors/Managers

♦ Clinical/Medical Informatics Directors/Managers

♦ Medical Records and HIM Directors/Managers

♦ Physicians and Clinicians

♦ Domain experts in healthcare and ICT applications

♦ Health Information Technology Experts

♦ Vice President - Techonology

♦ Medical Superintendent's

♦ Facility Director's








Senior Level Audience


♦ Hear from others about Success Stories and Real-world examples

♦ Network and learn from the world’s most innovative examples of mHealth and eHealth development

FHS2019connecting three different perspectives, three different ‘worlds’ industrial, academic and institutional

♦ Comprehend and touch base in areas like AI, analytics, cloud, robotics & blockchain.

♦ Discuss pressing issues and hot topics such as privacy and ethics, mHealth and big data, and standardization

♦ Analyze the future direction of Healthcare and its impact on the region.

♦ Network with the community of CxO’s, HIT professionals, Clinicians & innovators at the forefront of building future technologies for healthcare

♦ Discover new approaches to, and solutions for, current practices

♦ Thinking about creating a start up? this event will provide you with leads on what to do and what to avoid


Internet of Things (IoT) is making a big impact on the healthcare industry with potential to boost patient engagement, improve population health and help reduce healthcare costs. Hear first-hand how IoT is saving money and saving lives

The need for the healthcare industry to integrate mobile, cloud and IoT technology to transform the patient experience and improve clinical care. Hear from top digital leaders who have challenged existing practice, adopted ground breaking technologies.

AI is destined to transform the diagnostic imaging industry, both in terms of enhanced productivity, increased diagnostic accuracy; more personalized treatment planning and ultimately, improved clinical outcomes.

With huge progress in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, Data capture and Data Analytics has taken a front seat role in driving improved outcomes in healthcare. As new models of care systems come to the fore, we hear how intelligent use of data is already changing the way we treat Diabetes, Heart Failure, Cancer etc., is improving our approaches to preventative health.

The need to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access has never been greater. Sensitive data like patient data, stored data such as medical and payment records, payer and provider employee data and data related to wired and wireless IoT etc.

Blockchains, digital ledgers of information that are nearly impervious to breaching, are set to revolutionize the way data in healthcare is handled. Listen in as one of healthcare’s most insightful speaker will present an in-depth look at the most empowering and impressive technology solution.

New innovations are rapidly transforming the women’s health space with access to maternal and women’s healthcare in rural areas around the world. Also women are making waves in healthcare IT and can bring a gender lens to enhance the ways in which new technologies can be used to improve women’s health. Don’t miss this awe-inspiring session and hear directly from the women leaders and what they are capable of.

Payer and provider systems are one of the most dynamic and interesting segments of the health care market today and their collaboration and integration is quiet essential. Don’t miss the unveiling of the most precious collaboration…

It’s time we look at the Non-Gaming AR/VR and take a look at some of the leading organization playing key roles in the intersection of health and emergent technologies. An engaging evening session exploring the future of healthcare.

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